Crisis Upon Us: The Precarious Mental Health of Our Youth and What We Can Do About It


Last month, I had the honor of moderating a conversation for the Society of Fellows of the Aspen Institute featuring Lisa Damour, a renowned psychologist, and author,  Michael Hayes, the Executive Director of Compass for Lifelong Discovery, and Jennifer Selke, the Director of Veteran Programs at Camp Southern Ground and a licensed educational psychologist. The topic was: “Crisis Upon Us: The Precarious Mental Health of Our Youth and What We Can Do About It”

During our conversation, Lisa provided insight into what “healthy” mental health looks like, and when it’s time to seek help. Michael shared what coming back to school was like,] and how important reconnecting socially is, for the foundations of learning. Jenn emphasized the impact of the shift from  “being a parent,” to parenting “as a verb” is having on our children. It was clear that one of the important things we must do is allow our kids to face and overcome challenges.

The main takeaway for me was to remember the importance of community in all of our lives. As parents, we need support when we watch our kids struggle,  when they hurt, and we do not have all the answers.  It definitely “takes a village to raise a child” We must reach out, we are social creatures and are wired to connect.

I encourage you to listen to our conversation here ➡️ Crisis Upon Us: The Precarious Mental Health of Our Youth and What We Can Do About It. Please share your thoughts or suggestions in the comment section below for future topics that interest you as a parent.

I have to share how grateful I am to  Genna Moe and her team, Liz & Chloe, at the Society of Fellows for listening to the needs of parents in our community and putting this panel together, and for allowing me to have my first opportunity at moderating.

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