Vicky Chehebar

Empowering parents

My name is Vicky Chehebar. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia.  I’m a mother of three, a wife and a lifelong student of psychology and education.
At 10 years old my family moved to Miami, where I graduated from high school. I studied psychology in Boston University graduating in 1995.

My professional experience began working with foster children. While still in high school I volunteered at the Mc Lamore Children’s Center with children who had been abused, abandoned and neglected and their families. After graduating college I directed the profesional team at a national level at Fundacion Nuestro Hogar,  a non for profit organization which housed foster children in Colombia.

In 1996 I began working in the education system as a substitute teacher, then as a 1st grade teacher. In 1997 I cofounded a non profit center for children with learning disabilities in Bogota called Fundacion Oportunidad,  which we operated for 20 years. Throughout this time I began to see how the support parents have, has so much impact on the outcome of their children overcoming their challenges.

In 1999 I became a mom. Suddenly I was at the other side of the table. I felt the overwhelmingness that came with every big decision I had to make. I read the recommended parenting books, went to every parent-teacher conference &  workshop I could find, and participated actively in my children’s school. I realized that in theory it all sounded straightforward,  yet putting it into practice required so much effort, patience, resilience, and support.

I facilitated parenting book clubs in Miami & Bogotá, as a way to share ideas and have discussions on parenting issues, while “knitting” a web of support with the mothers that participated, creating our village.

In 2013 I joined the Impact Hub community in Bogota where I opened my first space for private consultations for parents. 2020 and the pandemic strengthened the opportunity for connecting from wherever we are by going virtual. Last summer we moved to Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, where I resumed my parenting workshops, and coaching parents privately; virtually as well as in person.

With twenty years of professional and personal experience, I understand the different challenges and pressure parents face today, be it school probation, lack of motivation, sensorial integration issues, academic challenges, death in the family, social issues or the pressure that falls on the marriage while dealing with our children’s challenges.

Having lived both in Latin America and the US gives me, I believe, a layered perspective that helps me relate to the specific challenges of multicultural families.

Emotions get tangled with logic and it’s difficult to get an objective view which,  is why my intention is to create a safe and secure space to evaluate and process emotions on which to build a roadmap to achieve each family’s goals.

What I Do

I’m a parent coach who empowers parents to make educated decisions and be advocates for their children. I help parents who want a personal approach to help create a roadmap for their parenting goals.  

√ Connect the dots and help see the blind spots

√ Create and hold safe spaces for expressing emotions and processing them

√Accompany parents during their exploration and guide them towards self reflection

√ Teach subjects I’m passionate about

× I don’t do psychotherapy.