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About Vicky

Vicky has the ability to untangle what seems impossible. She will work with you to find the best road for your parenting journey.


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As we raise kids, we challenge ourselves to do the best we can but often we encounter difficult situations that make us doubt our parenting abilities. Having Vicky as a coach gave me the opportunity to learn practical skills and understand how to deal with situations from an unbiased perspective. She is a great listener and guides from an empathic perspective. She always looks to share strategies that strengthen the connection with the kids and help make parenting an enjoyable journey.
Parenting is the most rewarding experience as well as an ever evolving challenge where we face different types of situations that can easily overwhelm us. Finding the right course of action, whether it's emotional, physical, mental or behavioral might be very difficult as we, as parents, don't innately possess the knowledge or the tools to handle it alone. This is where looking for guidance from a seasoned professional like Vicky, with the experience, tools and, more importantly, the empathy to help you navigate whatever challenge you are facing can change your and your child's world.
Ernesto Ruben
Nothing has been more challenging than trying to be the best parent possible. Having Vicky and her tool box on my side has been a game changer! There is a feeling of loneliness that seems inherent with being a mom, but thanks to her guidance and advice, I don’t feel alone and helpless, I feel empowered and strong. I believe true power as a parent begins with the knowledge that I don’t have to have all the answers. Vicky’s kindhearted approach helps me be ok with not being perfect! It is hard to find someone as wise or as warm as Vicky. Not only does she have the knowledge to help but she also has the humanity to inspire us to be better parents and people over all.
Alexandra Pumarejo
With love, wisdom and a few simple words Vicky was able to give me the foundation and perspective to become a better and more relaxed single father.
Alain Bibliowicz
Parenting is the most important activity we do as humans beings, yet no one ever teaches us how to do it. As a psychologist, educator and mother I’ve had the honor of working with Vicky in this journey. Vicky has the ability to hold your hand and walk with you in this adventure. You will learn about yourself, and she will guide you through a path of self discovery that will truly change you as a parent.
Paula Perez
Psychologist & primary school counselor
Vicky has always been my go to person when I have had any parenting trouble. Raising 4 girls is always a challenge and Vicky’s clear analysis and practical advise has always made big problems seem easy to manage.
Valerie Delarosa
Elementary school teacher

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